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What to Consider When Selecting a Trophy

21 December 2015
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When tasked with selecting trophies for events, many people will often find themselves confused by what to pick. Which kind of trophies should you go with? These and many more questions are only made harder by the voluminous array of available trophy types and designs to choose from. So what should you do when this unenviable task of selecting trophies falls on your shoulders? Nature of the event The right trophies are always reflective of the type of event for which the awards are being given.
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Evolution of American Football Goal Posts

7 December 2015
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Sports are often credited with bringing people together and encouraging community. They allow certain groups to bond by rallying behind a common goal— the success of their team— and instill a sense of unity, but have you ever thought about one of the most essential objects in modern sports? Goal posts are normally given little thought by avid fans unless they are trying to catch a game ball directly behind them or obstructing their view, but those large, yellow goal posts used in American football have come a long way since their first introduction in the mid 19th century.
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Why You Should Embrace Additive Manufacturing

4 December 2015
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Additive manufacturing refers to a manufacturing process by which layers of material are added to a part being made until the part is completed. The layering sequence is guided by 3D imaging that ensures that each subsequent layer of material helps to fabricate the precise finished product that was designed by the computer system. This article discusses why you should make additive manufacturing a major part of your jewel manufacturing process.
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How Metal Composition and Quality Affect Edge Quality in Laser Cutting

2 December 2015
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Lasers have dramatically changed the way metal fabrication is done. High-speed laser cutting services have enabled faster production times, efficient use of materials and a repeatable, controlled process that produces a standard quality cut. As a metal fabricator, in order to produce a high-quality edge, it is important to take into consideration the composition and quality of the metal being cut. Here's why: Material Composition The composition of a metal affects its conductivity and viscosity in a liquid state.
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The Benefits of Installing An Automatic Driveway Gate

14 August 2015
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If you are considering installing an automatic gate to your driveway, but you aren't sure if it's worth the expense, here are some of the benefits that adding a gate can offer you. Convenience -- An automatic gate provides you the convenience of being able to operate the gate from the comfort of your vehicle. Manual gates require that you get out of your car every time you arrive home in order to open the gate, but with an automatic gate, you either push a button on a remote, key in a code on a gate keypad or activate the gate through a sensor that triggers the gate to open when the front of your car crosses its path.
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