What to Consider When Selecting a Trophy

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What to Consider When Selecting a Trophy

What to Consider When Selecting a Trophy

21 December 2015
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When tasked with selecting trophies for events, many people will often find themselves confused by what to pick. Which kind of trophies should you go with? These and many more questions are only made harder by the voluminous array of available trophy types and designs to choose from. So what should you do when this unenviable task of selecting trophies falls on your shoulders?

Nature of the event

The right trophies are always reflective of the type of event for which the awards are being given. Sporting events, for instance, often suit a myriad of tier trophies and cups. Corporate events, on the other hand, would demand a more customised approach to the design of the trophies. You may choose to customise backdrop trophies to incorporate your company logo and such details. Or you may go with figure-on-base trophies that carry your company slogan and theme. Entertainment events such as music awards and beauty pageants may be best suited with acrylic, glass, or crystal awards with engravings. Whichever your pick, it is important that the trophies do not feel out of place in your event.

Themes and colors

Although it may be considered a subtle detail, the colors you choose on your trophies go a long way in ensuring the trophies are the right pick for your event. Always try to select trophy colors based on your theme and colors of the event. For corporate events, this may be a real concern because colors and themes in such events mainly follow the company colors. Sporting events also follow particular themes and colors at times. In fact, almost every other type of event will have a certain theme associated with it.

Before deciding on the trophies, maybe ask your decorators, planners, or any official associated with the event what themes and colors are to be expected. 

The Extra Details

Finally, the details of the trophy will also affect its suitability. How high should the trophies be? What engravings are to be included if any? Which image or figure should you use? Will crystal awards be suitable for a high school academic competition?  These questions and much more regarding the details of the trophy should be addressed when selecting trophies. Remember that you want the trophies to look prestigious but still appropriate for the event.

If you're still confused by what you should get for your event trophy, read more online via trophy suppliers to learn more about your options.   

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