5 Common Food Packaging Systems In Use In Australia Today

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5 Common Food Packaging Systems In Use In Australia Today

5 Common Food Packaging Systems In Use In Australia Today

13 June 2023
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In the food industry, packaging not only plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of the product it contains but in extending its shelf life as well. On top of this, high-quality food packaging equipment should make food products more attractive to consumers, helping to sell the goods within. With a wide variety of food products available, different kinds of packaging machines are utilised to accommodate a diverse range of needs among Australian food manufacturers and producers. Below are five common food packaging machines you are likely to see currently in use in Australia today.

1. Filling Machines

To begin with, filling machines are widespread in the beverage production industry. These machines dispense the correct quantity of food or beverage into containers with an astonishing degree of precision. The technology used is incredibly versatile, too. It can be deployed for liquids, such as dairy products and juices, through to more viscous substances, including honey, jam or treacle. By automating this process, food producers can increase efficiency and speed up their production runs significantly.

2. Sealing Machines

This type of food packaging equipment ensures that the product inside the container is well-protected. These machines are often used in conjunction with filling machines but can be used on their own, too. Typically, they'll handle different kinds of seals, from heat sealing for plastic or foil lids to capping for glass bottles or jars. This type of equipment not only maintains the freshness of the product but also provides the crucial anti-tampering protection that so many supermarkets and other retailers require nowadays.

3. Vacuum Packaging Systems

These systems are primarily used in the meat and cheese industries, but they also have applications with manufactured foodstuffs, such as pies, for example. By removing the air inside, this type of food packaging equipment will preserve the quality of the food and, by some margin, extend its shelf life. Vacuum packaging systems are also widely used because they reduce the volume of the product. This can save storage and transportation space.

4. Labelling Systems

Labels provide essential information about products of all kinds. In the food production sector, they are essential to display ingredients, nutritional information, and use-by dates, among other data. A labelling machine applies these labels to the packaging accurately, ensuring consumers are well-informed about what they're buying.

5. Wrapping Machines.

Finally, these machines are widely used for products that need to be bundled together, like drink cans, packets of noodles, or similar items. Food packaging equipment of this sort will cover the products with a wrap layer, usually made of plastic. This holds them together securely for transport, making them easier to unload and place on retailers' shelves and easier for consumers to carry.

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