Why You Should Think About Oil Recycling

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Why You Should Think About Oil Recycling

Why You Should Think About Oil Recycling

28 May 2020
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Not many people think about what happens to their engine oil when it is changed to clean and fresh oil. Sadly, those who change the oil for themselves in their homes often end up leaving the old oil somewhere in the garage or yard, and it spills, polluting the environment. Understanding how used oil can be collected, purified and reused is a step towards curbing wastage. Here is what you ought to know about engine oil recycling and its benefits. 

Positive Impact on the Environment

There are a number of ways in which recycling engine oil impacts the environment. First, when you recycle, you lower the need to mine new crude oil from the rigs. This slows down the rate at which the resource is getting depleted. Secondly, when oil is purified and reused, it needs less energy to get to the state it was in than it would take to refine fresh crude oil. This means more energy conservation, and that recycling leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. 

It Saves Money

Oil that is recycled costs less than that which hasn't been used before. If you choose to use refined oil for your vehicle, you will pay less for it, but the quality will be the same. Remember that motor oil does not wear out or deteriorate in quality. The only thing which happens when you use it for a long time is that it gets contaminated and becomes a source of problems for your engine. When the impurities are removed, the oil becomes as good as new. Also, on a large scale, removing impurities from used oil is often cheaper than refining new oil.

Protecting Plants and Animals

Another unfortunate effect that waste oil has on the environment is that when it is disposed of carelessly, it ends up in streams and rivers. This dirty oil often has compounds such as lead and mercury, which can be poisonous to animals in the water as well as plants. The complications deepen when the same animals and plants are harvested and used as food by humans. To avoid this cycle of toxins getting back into the human body, it is advisable to have professionals remove impurities from oil for reuse.

These are the basic benefits that come from oil recycling. Other benefits include providing paychecks for the employees who earn a living from working in the recycling plants. If you have machinery whose oil you keep changing from time to time, consider hiring an expert to handle the recycling process. 

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