Why You Should Choose Recyclable Bottles

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Why You Should Choose Recyclable Bottles

Why You Should Choose Recyclable Bottles

25 May 2017
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When you are purchasing bottles for your packaging application, it is important to know that not all bottles are made the same. Some are made from recyclable materials while others cannot be recycled. While you are free to choose any product you like from the two options, you might first want to know why recyclable bottles find favour in the eyes of many businesses operating across Australia.

Reduces demand for energy

As our energy resources continue to dwindle by the day, there is an increasing need to save on energy. New bottles can be manufactured using two main types of raw materials: virgin materials or recycled materials. Manufacturing of bottles with virgin raw materials often requires more energy compared to manufacturing with recycled materials. 

Let's take an example of the metal bottle manufacturing process, for example. When virgin materials are used, metal ore will need to be mined and smelted before it can be used at the fabrication facility. Metal bottles made using recycled material, on the other hand, simply require that old bottles be sorted, melted, purified and solidified at a recycling plant. 

The total amount of energy required to mine and smelt metal ore is generally much greater than that needed to recycle old metal. By reducing the need to mine and process virgin raw materials, recyclable bottles minimise energy demand and consumption.

Minimises impact on landfills

Waste bottles that cannot be recycled may end up in the landfill. An increase in the amount of landfill waste generated mounts pressure on existing land resources, as more acreage of land will have to be set aside to dispose of the increased volume of non-recyclable waste. Keeping in mind that land is a natural resource whose supply is fixed, the only way to reserve it for productive uses is to reduce the quantity of waste that is sent to landfills. 

Using recyclable bottles eliminates the need to transport waste bottles to the landfill once they are no longer being used. Many eco-conscious customers will be glad to know that their discarded bottles will be sent to a recycling facility and not deposited at the landfill. 

Clearly, there are crucial benefits to using recyclable bottles. If you are convinced that these bottles are the best choice for your application, consider contacting a recyclable bottle supplier near you to discuss what type of material is right for you. Recyclable bottles come in a variety of materials including plastic, glass, and metal.

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