Why You Should Powder Coat Your Steel Structure

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Why You Should Powder Coat Your Steel Structure

Why You Should Powder Coat Your Steel Structure

21 June 2016
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Investing in construction can be quite expensive. As such, when contemplating a finish for your steel building, you should select something that is both functional as well as aesthetically appealing. One of the most ideal finishes for steel structures is powder coating. This type of finish is made up of both pigments as well as resin compounds. Once these particles have been electrically charged, they are directly sprayed onto your steel structure. The electrical charge makes the particles adhere uniformly; hence, creating a protective as well as decorative finish. Here are some of the various reasons why you should opt to powder coat your steel structure. 

The powder coating process is fast and efficient

When it comes to conventional painting, the process tends to be both arduous and long. To create the perfect finish, you would have to have your building painted with several coats of paint. This means paying more for the labour involved as well as the paint materials that are being used. If you would prefer a time effective solution that is not as labour intensive, you should consider powder coating. The process of powder coating only requires one single layer being applied to your structure. This makes the entire process from start to finish much shorter as when compared to conventional wet paint. 

The powder coating process is environmentally friendly

In this day and age, more and more people are looking for ways to safeguard the environment as they engage in construction processes. If you would like to ensure your steel structure is not contributing to the deterioration of the environment, then you should opt for powder coating. Powder coating does not make use of different solvents so as to get the right consistency of the finish. This is unlike wet paint that will contain an array of volatile organic compounds that contribute to the reduction of the ozone layer. To be on the safe side, you would be better off opting for a powder coating finish, as it is less hazardous in the long run. 

The powder coating process is economical

There are various ways that powder coating would be economical for your steel construction. Firstly, since the process is not labour intensive, you get the chance to reduce on your labour costs. Secondly, the powder coating finish makes your steel structure more durable. You will not have to worry about incurring additional costs in the form of repainting your structure or dealing with corrosion. 

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